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Chicago State Cheerleaders

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Welcome to the Chicago State University Cheerleading Home Page! The purpose of this page is to inform you about the CSU Cheer Team. It takes commitment, dedication and the ability to become a member of the CSU Cheerleading Team.
The members of the Chicago State University Cheerleading Team are a group of outstanding students who enthusiastically represent the university as a whole. The CSU Cheerleaders only have one squad. This squad cheers at both girls and boys basketball games. And will be competiting also at nationals.
The members of the CSU Cheer Team are required to commit a great deal of time to the program. Anyone selected to the CSU Cheer Program will be expected to be a leader among the CSU student body.

If you are interested in being a CSU Cheerleader you can email Coach Little at  

CSU Cheerleaders Go Cougars!
We are the Cougars!!
GO, Fight, Win Cougars!
Chicago State University Cheer Coach 
9501 s. King Drive
Chicago, IL 60619

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.

Chicago State* 9501 S. King Drive * Chicago * IL *60628