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Chicago State Cheerleaders

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Team Selection 2006-2007

Cougars Cheerleaders

Congrats to all the new CSU Cheerleaders for the year 2006-2007

The CSU Cheerleaders has two teams the Green Team and the Black Team
The Green Team Cheers at all girls basketball games and the Black Team Cheers at all the Boys basketball games and Competitions.
Cougar Cheerleaders/Black Team Cougar Cheerleaders
                                                                    Green Team
Rufas, Freeman                                               Moore, Nakita
Berrien, Christina                                            Brown, Jade
Flowers, Sharon                                             Johnson, Jade
Hawthome, Eboni                                                              
Grooms, Kandance                                         Brittany,Jones
Jackson, Shalayia                                           Angel Twan
Knox, Brittany
Cain, Taquita
Already CSU Cheerleaders
Durham, Racheal
Mitchell, Latonia
Jenkins, Nelly
Hall, Kristina

If you are interested in being a Chicago State University Cheerleader the next tryout will be held in Aug.

New Team Selection will happen in August for the 2007-2008 Cheerleading Season

Lets Go Cougars!


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